14 February 2012

Dedication and Disclaimer

With the experience of this blog's creator, it may very well be at the mercy of the streets, but hopefully it will learn how to integrate into high-blog society without too much misfortune or crisis. But then...where would be the story in that?

This blog is about story—everyone, everything has one. Imagination, the Peter Pan of the brain, answers to no one, and this blog's purpose is to give it flight and freedom, to release it from the ever-weightening trudge of years and adult responsibility.

Not only flight and freedom, but also voice. Voice as varied as a mother's hats and (responsibly) uninhibited as a two-year-old's hands. Voice...the power, by a Word, to create vicarious existence. Hopefully this brainchild will bring to its creator a level of skill previously impossible and will serve to document some story that, in some way, will touch someone for transforming good...or at least give them something to muse over.

That said, this blog is liable to consist much more of Muddling and Musing than actual Muse—the Greek gods are famous for fickleness. Therefore, read at your own risk.

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