13 March 2012

The Perfect Notebook

I love Moleskine!

I tried the pocket-size version but found it too small to write in comfortably; it turned out being mostly for note-jotting during devotionals or church meetings. And besides that, I never put in my pocket. So when I ran out of room in my little black notebook I upgraded to the 5"x8" version. 

I was worried about the size because it's hard to carry a large notebook around. But this turned out to be perfect! It's large enough to rest comfortably on my lap yet small enough that I can easily carry it around in my purse. The color gets me excited to use the book too :) It's filling with great ideas, scene ideas and possible scenarios for new books/stories. My characters are introducing themselves to me through its pages, and I find new friends or more developed ones whenever I open it. It's my new favorite medium, and it goes everywhere I do.

Doesn't it scream "great story"?

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