10 April 2012

"Basilico" Pasta

Have you seen No Reservations?

Do you remember this part?

I'm not a big spaghetti fan. But this made me hungry!

However, I don't have a handsome scrubs-sporting, opera-belting boyfriend with luscious golden locks, a power truck and a repertoire of Italian deliciousness! I know, pity me. (Please don't; I'm not a big fan of scrubs and crocs either. Growl if you must.)

I didn't get this far in life, though, by sinking into despair when a bleach-locked heart throb isn't there to whip up magic for me. So after two stomach-rumbling viewings, I decided to find his recipe and make it myself.

And guess what...

I did!

And it tastes even better than it looks!
No I didn't take the picture; but you get the picture, right?

May I recommend this recipe the next time you're craving Italian and none of your friends can make it to Olive Garden? It's fast, functional, and Delicious! 

(It's amazing even if all you have are dry herbs...which is what I used ;)

I'm afraid quail and truffles with saffron sauce is a little beyond me still, but I'm going to try the pizza recipe next!

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