21 April 2012

Noticeably Weird

This is only a partial, spur-of-the-moment list. Please feel free to add on:

1. Cars with wings on the back are usually the cars that are going at least 5 miles under the speed limit (for those of you—or the drivers—who don't know your Greek mythology, here's the significance of wings!).

2. Either that or it's the luxury cruise cars—you know, the ones that can blink from 0–100? Except when you're following them? As if the owners just wanted to make sure the person following them notices the brand on the back!

3. Editing a doctrinal book set for publication and finding URLs in the bibliography—after being drilled in college that going to the printed source was the only acceptable way and that skipping to the internet would cost me serious points!

4. A +250-lb man with thick beard and huge helmet riding a Harley down Main Street and singing falsetto at the top of his lungs! (No joke; I saw it yesterday. Heard it too...my poor ears couldn't figure out what my mouth was laughing at!)

5. Adrian Monk

6. The fact that the title of this post is made up of an adverb and an adjective with no referring subject or verb...and how many noticed?

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