27 April 2012

Sometimes I Wish I Was 13 Again

Because then I could have a real crush on this boy.

Aside from playing in one of my favorite TV Westerns (perhaps you remember him from this post) and doing a dang good job for being only 12 years old when he started, he has a voice that stopped me in my tracks (maybe because the youngest artist I listen to is in his 30s—whatever). He's adorable!

'50s teen pop was something completely alien to me before I looked up Johnny Crawford (aka Mark McCain from The Rifleman). But I found this song and fell in love with it. It's completely different from the norm; and it's strangely soothing. Like the nostalgia that swings in with Sinatra.

Weekend somewhat less romantic than you'd hoped? Give this a try :)


  1. Okay, he's dreamy. He'd give the Biebs a run for his money. (Not that I really know, since I don't listen to Justin Bieber, but I imagine he could.)


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