22 May 2012

Fairly Routine

The day began pale, growing more vibrant as the morning progressed to early afternoon. As it oldened the day began to pale again, this time with cloud cover, and turbulence to brew.

Now as I look out the window the trees thrash against a low gray sky. Like...
There are so many similes for it.

I think the wind is out of shape. It gusts hard for only a few seconds before it has to rest. How long until exhaustion and shortage of breath cool its temper?

A particularly furious breath just now, drawn-out. It must have read my thoughts. Or my blog.

No rain. Yet.

Music from Prince of Persia has been in my head all day. I'm on this strange kick where I buy soundtracks for movies I haven't seen. But Harry Gregson-Williams is brilliant!

Speaking of Gregson-Williams: Do you remember Ben Barnes when Caspian came out? He was so wide-eyed about his newfound fame. He acted like a normal person. Had I gone to Kingston University to pursue my degree we could have hung out together in college. Likely we'd have taken the same classes. Maybe we'd have done lunch.

I watched Dawn Treader over the weekend and had to compare Barnes' portrayal of Caspian in the two Narnia movies. 1) He's really good. 2) He's come into his cinematic own in recent years, and you can tell in his performance and bearing. About all that remains of the wide-eyed London English student now are... well, his big eyes.


  1. Ah, I fell in love with Ben Barnes in Prince Caspian. I didn't like the Dawn Treader movie as much, but he was even better in that one. So glad he dropped that silly, fake accent!

  2. I find him infatuating too :) I missed the accent though; lack of consistency in the storyline.

  3. Yeah, little details like that usually bug me too, but I still think he's waaay more appealing with an English accent. I love Harry-Gregson Williams's music too.

  4. Oh yes, we're friends, you and I :)


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