17 May 2012

Long-lost Relatives

My sister just researched one of our family lines, and it reaches clear back to Northumberland in the year 1113.

1113 AD! That's this era:

1113 was:

  • 200 years before the Bubonic Plague (so Monty Python wouldn't be born for centuries yet)
  • 2–4 centuries after King Arthur's reign (I mean the real, Welsh King Arthur, not the Canterbury myth)
  • At least 200 years before Robin Hood
  • 250 years before the Peasants' Rebellion and the upheaval of the class system
  • The era of the feudal system (you know, knights in armor, tournaments, swooning ladies with handkerchiefs and pointy hats, kings and courts, the almighty Church and weasly wizards)

Cool, huh? And even cooler is the fact that that 1113 ancestor must have been someone of importance or else his name wouldn't have been recorded—unless people kept record of their servants back then. Somehow I doubt it. He had a full name too, and his first name...Adred. Must have immigrated from Rohan around the time the Elves left Middle Earth.

Somewhere, somehow, I'm hoping to find I'm descended from Roman royalty or even the Israelite immigrants to Wales around 40 AD—if my British roots go far enough, it might just happen. Genealogy...it can be fascinating!

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