25 June 2012

My New Favorite Up-do

I have a hard time with messy buns; for years I've tried to figure out how to pull one off. I've even found YouTube tutorials on the subject and, in recent weeks, have been able to pull off a couple decent ones. But my hair is trained, I think, to hang smooth and heavy, so updos are hard.

So my interest switched from messy to vintage buns, like the one in this post.

Or maybe even this one:

Why don't we wear our hair this way anymore?

Again, I haunted YouTube for the perfect tutorial. This is my favorite one yet.

What's funny is that it's called a messy bun, but when I did it every hair stuck in place and it looked perfect, like a '50s/'60s little-black-dress affair; my hair just doesn't like messy.

I didn't have the headband, so since I was going to church I curled the short fly-aways at the sides of my face into ringlets and let them loosely frame my face.

Enjoy! It's super easy, and it feels great on your head the entire day. I didn't even want to take it out last night!

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