20 July 2012

In the Mouth

It's funny.

You're having one of the grouchiest days you've had in a long time, and grouching yourself too because you're being grouchy on what by all rights should be a really good day.

And then a little towheaded, high-pitched toddler pokes his head through the doorway and squeals "I've got a big kink in my think" with a grin as wide as the West.

It catches you completely off guard. You thought you knew exactly how this trudging day was going to wax and wane and finally die. But this was not in the itinerary.

You were wrong.

And you suddenly feel warm and tingly; the cement-hard lines in your brow unfurrow; your eyes open up from pout mode; and you smile back at him—for real—because 1) he doesn't realize how well what he just said applies, and you find that (of all things) funny, and 2) something about his baby-tooth grin just melts whatever it was that was making you glare at the walls three seconds ago.

Then he giggles, so pleased with himself for getting the line right and for making you smile back. And you laugh outright because you can't help it, and you tell him what a clever boy he is. And he smiles bigger and giggles again, and his eyes light up the same color as his blue shirt.

There. You realize that you can make someone happy too. Time to rewrangle the day.

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