22 September 2012

Excused Absence

Read this, if you will, in rapid-fire succession, imagining that each task takes on average an hour and a half to complete. And you'll have the thousand words behind the picture—and behind my sudden cyber silence. 

Ready... set...

  • Back of eyelids
  • Scriptures
  • Road construction signs and street signs
  • Fellowship of the Ring in the car on the way to school
  • 15–20 news stories edited at work
  • Textbooks (four of them)
  • Research journal articles
  • Critiques, response papers and/or reports on said research journal articles
  • An occasional blog visit in the library (for sanity's sake)
  • Fellowship of the Ring on the way home during rush hour
  • Recipe for dinner
  • Younger brothers' homework
  • 60 pages to edit (novel :)
  • Library book to finish (novel :)
  • Back of eyelids

Who knew the written word could literally swallow you whole?

It's a good thing I like reading.


  1. dang, that's a crazy day! Sounds like you have fun though :)

  2. Haha, the fiction parts are definitely fun :) Hope you're doing well!


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