27 October 2012


It's one reason we write...

(I write.)

Why else?

To make some order of the swirling chaos that is reality. 
To have control over something
To feel accomplished. 
To add a bit of color to the world (and not off-color). 
To purge toxicity. 
To be the character we're otherwise afraid to be. 
To create the world the way it ought to be. 
To prove that we're not the only ones going through it.
To keep alive the belief in happy endings.
To have the same influence on some hapless (or lucky) reader that the author of our favorite book had on us and our perception of reality...and ourselves.
To remind ourselves how good we really have it.
To tell the truth without dilution or political correctness.
To sort out what it is we're really feeling, deep down.
To surface from the real world, even for a few minutes, and take a breath before again submerging.
To express it the way we wish we would have with our mouths.
For coherence. For art.
To witness to our own existence.
To become gods by proxy.
To spread a little hope.
Perhaps a little good will.
To ennoble the human race.
To give solidity to aspiration,
Credence to dreams,
Reason for feelings.
To discover who we are. Truly.
To play.
To relax.
To cope.
To overcome.
To find courage.
To vent to one who understands. And will keep our secret.
To talk it out. With another.
To imbue advice with validity.
To comfort.
To resolve.
To remember.
To put it in context.
To figure it out.
To change something. Future generations. The universe. The world. Others. Ourself.
To exert a voice.
To make our subjective the world's objective.

To make some mark. On someone.
For better.

Why else?


  1. Wow, Cassidy! Did you think of all those reasons to write? They are all fabulous! You are an amazing writer and thinker! I love all your ideas! I love the first one... to make sense of the swirling chaos... I love all your thoughts!

  2. Oh, and why I write... hmmmm... I write to allow myself to think of life outside of life. All writers write about life in some form or another, but they sometimes do it by escaping out of their own.

  3. Liz! You're a sweetheart. So true, your reason for writing. I love that one!


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