23 January 2013

Contentment Is...

Being able to put homework on hold to take a discouraged friend for a walk and a sandwich, then to sit down and listen for an hour and try to help her feel better...because I've been there. It didn't make sense last semester. But it's helpful now.

Being able to put homework on hold again to help a classmate talk through some problems. Because I learned last semester, the hard way, that talking is sometimes more important than homework (hopefully none of my professors ever read this post).

Walking through an inversion-congested campus, with the constitution to do it. Because I feel strong and healthy and happy.

Sharing lunch on the sixth floor of the student resources center, sitting at a window table overlooking snow-covered roofs and pollution-gray clouds, laughing and sharing dating secrets with the friend across from me while fantasizing about persons of interest behind me.

Being able to eat again. Comfortably. With leisure, and not alone anymore.

Being able to ask someone if they need help rather than wishing someone would ask me the same thing.

Being at peace with it all.

Being able to slow down, ease up, and focus, not so much on words as on people. Not just to keep from bumping into them. Or avoiding awkward confrontations. Or getting around them faster so I can get through the books. Not this semester.

It's a lesson a long time in coming. Perhaps not fully learned yet. But definitely desirable. Rich. Fulfilling.


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better :) You are so amazing!


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