15 February 2013


(M) Contentment: face calm; palms relaxed; soft, padded clicks

(U) Nervousness: biting lower lip; fingers tensed; many pauses; DELETE clicked frequently

(T) Anger: jaw hard, eyes narrow; palms in the air, fingers charged; CAPS LOCK on; loud, staccato hammer taps

(A) Excitement: smile; one click ("A") then drawn out silence ("hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"); one click ("!")

(T) Confusion: eyebrows screwed together; hesitation; three short clicks ("..."); one last click ("?")

(E) Deep Thought: eyes focused into the ahead; nothing; short stab of clicking; nothing; DELETE; nothing

(D) Conversation: across the world; across a room; any and all emotion; eyes focused on either screen or second party; face expressing, contorting, eyes laughing or stabbing, breathing changing tempo; mouth closed; no sound.

Except the clicks


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