09 April 2013

Being Different

Is hard. It makes you stand out. It makes people notice you, unfavorably at times. Criticize you. Ostracize you. That can be frightening.

But, if you want to make a difference, you have to be different. Peculiar. Brave about it.

Stand up for what you believe. Stand out for doing what's right, even though it's unpopular. Do it graciously and with confidence. But do it. In a world of relativity and uncertainty (the exacerbation of the first problem), don't be afraid to take a solid stand for right and to hold to it. People will notice. And make up their minds too.

We live in a time of moral recline (and thus decline); and in such an environment, those who stand up stand out. Inevitably. But true leaders or difference-makers are those who don't treat important things with casualness. They stand out. They stand above. They exert a voice and know that for which they stand — and they stand behind it all the way. 

I believe in universal truth. In God. In His word and law and continuing revelation. But maybe I don't exhibit that belief enough, afraid to alert popular opinion to my presence. So this is a pep talk for me.

Popular opinion is just that — opinion. But the words of our living prophets are not. They need to be listened to. And obeyed. Regardless of who's watching.

It's something I'm going to improve upon. I resolved this weekend to be more different. Brave about it. Proud of it.

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