18 April 2013

This Semester

Has been life-changing. Not in any major events. Just in all the little things.

1. I've put together a 46-page research prospectus (and there's still more to add to it).
2. I've made more time for friends and girl talk and have not regretted that time one bit.
3. I've put about 1,500 miles on my car.
4. I've spent more time with people and less time with books.
5. I finally made a childhood dream come true and got on a film set. Behind the camera. And I discovered that I love it, but it's not how I want to earn a living. It's fun. Active. Draining. Demanding. The people who make films are amazing in so many ways. Enthusiastic and passionate about their work. It takes passion to be on set for 16 hours a day, for multiple days at a time, on call day or night. We spent four hours getting ready for one shot; and it seems that's pretty average. It was an amazing experience, and it's something I'll always be drawn to, something for me to have fun with. But not something I want to be married to.
6. It was an amazing experience. And I hope for more in the future.
7. I went to a film festival and watched a friend win an award — one of those amazing people who's going to go big places in life. I was astounded at the quality and creativity of the films shown; and all of them clean and uplifting. With people like this coming into the film market, perhaps there's hope for good media yet.
8. I've figured out what to study for my thesis; and I'm actually excited about it.
9. I've seen how being proactive is empowering.
10. I've watched knifings, shootings, bombings and explosions from the newsroom, and my heart has gone up to Heaven for the victims.
11. I've thought of some guys, avoided others, and even fallen for a few; and experienced the disappointment of having to get over them again. Oh well.
12. I've learned a little bit better how to go out and find life rather than wait for it to come to me. And it's brought some rich rewards.
13. I've watched winter take spring by the throat and drag it through the mud. And will exult once spring breaks free and finds its breath again.
14. I've gone to the temple. A lot. And love it.
15. I've sent up a lot of prayers, have seen many answered, and am trusting that the rest will be.
16. I've thought in Story less and missed it more. And resolved to take it seriously again.
17. I've learned a lot about how media affects people; and how much it affects me. And have resolved not to let it affect me so much.
18. I've thought a lot. Studied a lot. Laughed a lot.
19. I've learned better what it means to not just trust in God or believe in Him but to trust Him, believe Him. And I've experienced a greater measure of peace and happiness for it.
20. I've learned—again—that an act of service never fails to make a bad day good and a good day better.

There has been a lot of gray, cold drabness, of course. It's been a winter semester. But there has been so much of the warm, the light and the happy. And the world is finally green again. It's been a rich semester. Learning and living and learning to live. Live better. Be happier.

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