13 December 2013

DIY: 12 Days of Christmas Gift Bag

I'm no DIYer. My craftsy skills are…. about the same quality as my photography skills (see below).

But. This project was simple, and really fun to put together. A 12-day Christmas countdown gift bag/advent calendar, complete with scriptures and chocolate. My solution for putting a little bit of peace, Christ (and sweetness) back into a frenetic Christmas season.

Materials Needed

12 scriptures related to Christ (I put together this list; there are so many other good ones, so you can mix and match as you please)

Red and green paper

12 small pieces of chocolate/candy



Pen (I used a silver gel pen)

Gift bag


Christmas tag/sticker


1. Print your list of scriptures onto the red/green paper

2. Cut the scriptures into strips (w/o the reference on the top)

3. Fold each scripture closed (I did it in threes so it looked like an old-fashioned letter)

4. Fold a piece of tape; tape chocolate/candy to one side and tape the scripture strip closed with the other side--so the candy is acting like the seal to an old-fashioned envelope

5. Write the date for the scripture and the scripture reference on the outside of the strip, next to the chocolate/candy

6. When your scripture/chocolate envelopes are assembled, place them in a gift bag, tie the bag closed with ribbon, and address the bag with your Christmas tag/sticker

Voila! A small way for you (or a friend/loved one) to stop for a moment each day and remember 1) the real reason for Christmas and 2) the simple gifts. 

There are actually 13 days in the bag, but who's counting?

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