26 May 2014

At One

Before I formed thee, I knew thee.
Before thou knewest me, I loved thee.
Before I could save thee, I had to understand thee.

And so, once, I became thee.

Now I know thee truly—
And why thou strugglest so.

Now I love thee truly—
For thou art part of me.

Now I will save thee truly—
If thou also wills it.

I know thy heart.
I love thy heart.
I made thy heart.
And I can make it right again.

I know thy depths.
For they are mine too.
I feel thy pain; I do not condemn.
I have sunk into it all, have comprehended it
And risen from it again,
Because I want to bring thee out from it too.

Come to me. I reach for thee.
I Am He who made thee.
I Am He who knows thee.

But more,
I Am He who understands thee.
And thy grief.
And the unique combination of both.

It is not beyond me.

And while there must be pain
And change, and trust, and time,
Work and strain accompanying,
Therein are the fruits of my love for thee manifest.
Without them I can't show thee
How much I love thee.

Come to me.
Endure with me.
Become new through me,
In all I ask.

I Am He who can—will—heal thee.
Because I have been thee,
And I Am He who loves thee most, for this.

—Cassidy Wadsworth

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