13 June 2015

That Point Where...

*The sign on the way out of the theater says “Thanks for coming. Be careful out there.” And it fits.

*The sight of trees makes you tense up.

*You wonder how the other couples can walk so thoughtlessly calm in the open air to their cars.

*The lights of every oncoming car remind you of prowling predators. The turning ones, particularly, of roving raptors.

*And the lights of the cars behind remind you of racing Rexes.

*You know your car isn’t fast enough or strong enough and you wonder if you or your significant other would be brave enough.

*You check your rearview mirror so often even your driver’s ed teacher would think you’re going overboard.

*The guy who came into the theater wearing a large knife doesn’t seem like such bad company after all.

*You wonder if something’s going to jump out at you as you kiss good night.

*You entertain the possibility of having a nightmare for the first time since you were 9 and read the illustrated War of the Worlds.

*You can justify your unexplainable dislike of water.

*You decide you can’t comfortably wear your own pair of nude-colored pumps for at least a couple weeks.

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